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- I don’t know the original source/artist/poet. Found it on net and sharing. 

the poem is by merrill glass and this is the source for the art!!

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So for ergonomic reasons and the fact that I can’t see 3D, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2DS.  This leaves me with this Blue Pokemon XY 3DSXL which I figured I’d give away since trying to sell it hasn’t proven very fruitful.

Specifically there’s the System itself, the box, the AR cards, a charger, and basically everything that came with the system other than the Club Nintendo code.  It has seen light use but is in very good condition.

It’s a US 3DS and thus can only play NTSC games and so I’ll only ship to the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Rules are simple, you get two entries, one reblog and a like.  On November 9th I’ll dump the entries into an RNG and give it to the person who pops out.

If you’re following me I’ll throw in a $20 code of the Nintendo e-Shop as a bonus!

Have fun and good luck

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Like a lot of people, I’ve sort of left my mayoral duties to Isabelle in two days, I’ll probably be picking up Ace Attorney 5, and next month, a Link Between Worlds is coming out. So busy! 

This comic is inspired by a tweet.


Charmander’s updated cry for X/Y

fucking lol

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Uromastyx likes her belly rubbed

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keepin me alive 

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